Inventory is the materials, work in progression goods and completely finished goods that are deliberated to be the portion of a business properties that are prepared or will be ready for sale. Inventory signifies one of the most significant assets that most business possess, because the turnover of inventory symbolizes one of the primary sources of income generation and subsequent wages for companies stakeholders.

Inventory management Module:

  • Reorder Stock.
  • Count Stock.
  • Transfer stock.
  • Adjust stock.
  • Add New Product.
  • Supplier Management
  • Reports
  • And many more.


  • Direct Purchase.
  • Purchase Return.
  • Credit Limit.
  • And many more.

Shipments or vendor information:

  • Latest Order.
  • Receive Stock.
  • Pay order.
  • Add New Vendor.

Sales Module:

  • Latest Quote.
  • New Order.
  • Process Orders.
  • Invoice Orders.
  • New Customer.


  • Inventory Reports.
  • Purchase Reports.
  • Sales Reports.